KONIX 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano - Teaching Electronic Piano

● 300 tones, 300 rhythms, 40 demo songs
● Three-step learning mode: Single key mode, follow-up mode, and ensemblemode
● Multifunctional LCD Display, Touch Pitch Bend Wheel
● Split Keyboard Function Enables Twin Piano Playing.
● Three Playing Functions: Dual Tones, Trill & Fermata
● Synchronous (Instant) Record, Playback & Editing
● Earphone/Microphone/Audio
● Stereo Dual Speakers, MP3 Format Supported
● Power Supply Modes: DC power supply and DC batteries

★With three-step learning modes, beginners can learn by themselves. The KONIX 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano Teaching Electronic Piano features three learning modes, one-key mode, follow-up mode and ensemble mode. Keyboard area, correct notes and rhythm are able to display on the LCD screen. In the follow-up mode, when players makes a mistake, the automatic accompaniment will be played repeatedly until the correct note is played, which is very suitable for beginners to learn by themselves.

The Synchronous (Instant) recording makes editing rhythm convenient. KONIX's 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano can record simultaneously within 120 notes.
When editing the record, players only need to play back the recorded contents to edit the speed of the rhythm on their preference.
About the Memory settings, KONIX's 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano can memorize four tracks and can also record the played version depending on your favorite speed, timbre, and rhythm.
Besides, you don’t need to adjust it repeatedly which is effective and time saving. Cautions: After turning off the power and restarting, the tracks memorized will be cleared.

Hundreds of Tones and Rhythms, Dozens of Demo Songs to Choose From
KONIX 61-key multifunction electronic keyboard has 300 tones and 300 rhythms built-in. 40 demo songs can be played in a loop.
Enter the number. Then, switch the music in instant. You can freely choose the tones you want to play and the track you want to listen to.

Earphones, external amplifiers, MP3 and microphone audio input supported
The 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano is equipped with high-quality speaker amplifiers which can be connected with earphones. It makes you not disturbing the neighbors when practice at night. It can also be connected with a speaker for stage or outdoor performances. It supports MP3 input. To play MP3 format music in your cell phone, you can connect the piano to mobile phones with audio cable for ackground accompaniment for creating your own music space. It supports condenser microphone audio input for more comprehensive applications.

Trill, Fermata, Transposition functions bring variety of notes
The KONIX 61-key Multifunctional Electronic Piano features the functions of transposition, trill and fermata. It allows you to perform the notes more diversely. It let you jump out of monotony and make performance full of life. With the newly transposition function, it give you six level of adjustments. You can easily adjust the pitch up and down through the buttons.

Thoughtful Reminder: The pitch adjustment range is -6 to +6. You can plus it 6 levels and minus it 6 levels. The default is set to 0.

Product Specifications
Content: One 61-key Electronic Piano, One Power Transformer, One Manual, One Music Stand
Keyboard: 61-key Keyboard
Numbers of Polyphony: 16
Tones: 300 types
Rhythms: 300 types
Demo Songs: 40
Keyboard Control: Split Keyboard
The Three Playing Functions: Dual Tones, Trill and Fermata
Teaching Mode: 3 Learning Modes
Memory Capacity: 4 Tracks
Power Supply: DC 9-12V
Output Power: 5W
Size: 94 * 28 * 8cm
Weight: 4.5 Kg





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