KONIX 61-key Multimedia Musical Electronic Piano Portable Electronic Piano with Transposition Function and External Microphone

Your Top Choice for Getting Started and Selecting Electronic Pianos
Your Top Choice for Getting Started and Selecting Electronic Pianos The KONIX 61-key Multimedia Musical Electronic Piano is Top Choice and it is very affordable. Equipped with mainstream 61-key keyboard, the dual speaker set up provides a rich sound experience. The size is moderate to be very convenient to store at home and carry it out. It has very simple and clear function buttons. The tones and rhythm can be change only in seconds. It also supports the external earphones and audio equipment for practicing and playing.

Numerous Tones, Rhythm and Performance Settings
61-key Multimedia Music Electronic Piano has almost 200 built-in tones and rhythm songs which can be used with playing. 40 demo songs are provided for appreciation and learning. The control panel is equipped with a digital panel. By entering the corresponding number, you can select the tone and rhythm. Every playing experience becomes an extreme fun.
With built-in Transposition, Automatic Chord, Trill, Fermata, Spilt keyboard and other playing setting modes, you can easily switch and adjust through the control panel to create more timbre changes.

Transposition Function: You can adjust up and down the pitch to the most suitable setting at any time through the button.
Automatic Chord: You can choose single finger chord or multi finger chord. By using both different chords, you can hear different chord rhythms. (Please see the manual for chord fingering details.)
Trill & Fermata: Simply press one button to turn on the mode to create trill and fermata effects.
Spilt Keyboard: Spilt the keyboard area into two sections to allow Twin Piano keyboard performance. By selecting different timbres separately, it can show the creative ensemble.

The KONIX 61-key Multimedia Music Electronic Piano supports a variety of multimedia devices. You can connect an external headphone to prevent disturbing others during practicing. With the microphone connection, you can play and sing by yourself. If you have performance needs, the external speakers can be used to play music, too. Equipped with a standard USB port, you can play any MP3 format music in your thumb drives as the background accompaniment when playing.
(※Before connecting the earphones, please adjust the volume of the piano to the lowest to prevent hearing impairments)

Product Specifications
Contents: One 61-key Electronic Piano, One Power Transformer, One Manual, One Music Stand, One Microphone
Keyboard: 61-key keyboard
Tones: 200 types
Rhythms: 200 types
Demo songs: 40
Keyboard Control: split keyboard
Tone Control: Trill, Fermata
Interface: Microphone, Earphone, MP3 Input
Power Supply: DC 9-12V
Output Power: 4.5W
Size: 80 * 28 * 8 cm
Weight: 3 Kg





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