KONIX S400 88-Keys Electric Piano

‧A Standard 88-key configuration, and 22mm key width
‧A New transposition function for adjusting pitch up and down conveniently
‧128 tones, 128 rhythms, 20 demo songs
‧Support headphone connections, MP3 audio input, and microphone audio input.
‧Feature keyboard drum mode, chord accompaniment function, and amplifier stereo surround sound.
‧A Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a strong battery life

Provide Professional Touch Sensing and Keys with Sensitive Touch Responses
★ ‧With the velocity-sensitive keys, the piano volume can be control depending on the finger strength. The music can also be played more emotionally with a more delicate timbre.
★ ‧Use the same sound module chip technology of Steinway & Sons grand pianos to provide a rich timbre and zero-delay playing experience.

Built-in Speakers with Stereo Surround Sound (Caution: You need to purchase a damper pedal to use it.)
★The KONIX 88-Key Electric Piano is equipped with high-quality speaker amplifiers with enjoyable stereo surround sound. ‧Piano sounds are acoustic.
★The sound is full and delicate, as if immersed in a beautiful melody.
‧Overtone recognition ability
★The overtone audio is rich to help improve the recognition ability.





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