KONIX 88-key Foldable Electric Piano MIDISTORM
A Combined Electric Piano with velocity sensing and a dust bag

● Standard 88-key Keyboard with Velocity-Sensitive Keys.
● 128 Tones, 128 Rhythms, 15 Demo Songs.
● Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery, Easy to Carry and Play.
● Twin Piano mode doubles the playing which is convenient for teaching.
● Can be transposed with the pitch range -6 to +6.
● Support headphone, microphone, and audio.

Equipped with a standard 88-key keyboard, the white key width is 22mm, the black key width is 11.4mm, and the dual speaker configuration provides a rich sound experience. With the new transposition function, you can adjust the pitch by pressing the button. Built-in rechargeable Lithium Battery makes it super easy to charge with a USB connector. Besides, the battery has strong battery life. The whole product is easy to carry out and play.

New Experience with a 44-key Easy Carrying Electric Keyboard
The new patented design allows you divide the 88 keys into 44 keys. The 44 keys on the left main unit can be used alone. The size is moderate. It is very convenient for practicing at home or playing outside.

The Velocity-Sensitivity Adjustment, Just Like a Classical Piano
The KONIX 88-key Foldable Electric Piano can produce corresponding sounds according to the intensity of playing just like a classical piano. The harder you play, the louder the sound it creates. (Notes: Hold down the Velocity button to turn on and off the Keyboard Velocity Adjustment Function.)

Support External Multimedia Audio Equipment
The KONIX 88-key Foldable Electric Piano supports a variety of multimedia devices. You can connect it with earphones to make you not disturbing the neighbors when practice at night. It can also be connected with a speaker for stage or outdoor performances. It supports MP3 input. To play MP3 format music in your cell phone, you can connect the piano to mobile phones with audio cable for background accompaniment for creating your own music space. It supports condenser microphone audio input for more comprehensive applications.

Twin Piano Mode for Easy Teaching
The 88-key Foldable Electronic Piano provides a Twin Piano mode which divides the keys into two sections allowing teachers and students to play side by side on the same key music. Besides improving learning efficiency, you can also play with family or friends to enjoy the fun together.

Hundreds of Tones, Rhythms and Playing Settings
The KONIX 88-key Foldable Electronic Piano features 128 built-in tones and rhythm songs which can be used while playing. 15 demo songs provide appreciation and learning. The control panel is equipped with buttons. You can freely choose the tones and rhythms. Every time you play is an endless fun.

Transposition Function: Adjust the pitch up and down easily with the buttons. It has six adjustments for pitch rise and pitch fall.
Chord Function: While the rhythm song is playing, press the Chord Accompaniment function button to enter the Integrated Chord Mode.
Trill Function: Simply press one button to create trill.

KONIX 88-key Foldable Electric Piano
USB: USB Interface Charging, USB-MIDI Output Function
SUS: Damper pedal interface extends trill sound.
MIC: Microphone Audio Input
MP3: MP3 Input
Headphone: Headphone, External Speaker Interface

Product Specifications
Product Name: KONIX 88-key Foldable Electronic Piano
Model Number: Midi Storm
Color: Elegant White, Cool Black
Material: ABS
Tones: 128 types
Rhythm: 128 types
Demo Songs: 15 types
Power Supply: DC5V / built-in 1750mAh lithium battery
Size: White key width: 22mm / Black key width: 11.4 mm
Expanded Size: length 138 * width 16.5 * height 4 cm
Folded Size: length 69 * width 16.5 * height 8 cm
Weight: 2.64 kg





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