KONIX 88-key Portable Electric Piano Professional Edition

Equipped with a full-range 88-key keyboard and very expressive keys, it is as realistic as the classical piano. Having a full range of notes allows you to play more difficult music to fulfill the needs of advanced learning and performance.

● A Standard 88-key keyboard with Velocity-Sensitive Keys.(Three Choices)

● 10 tones, 10 demo songs, 128 maximum polyphonies

● It features transposition function. The pitch range is -6 to +6

● Split Keyboard mode doubles the performance to make students learn from teacher simultaneously

● Multi-timbre control Including Dual Timbre Mode, Reverb Effect and Chorus Effect

● Supports USB-MIDI output which can be connected to a computer or mobile phone tablet through a USB cable.

● It can be connected with headphones, so you can enjoy playing it any time without worrying about disturbing neighbors

● Equipped with Stereo Dual Speakers, it provide full and rich sound as if reproducing the playing expression.

● Two power supply modes: DC power supply and DC batteries.

★Full-Size 88-Note Piano Enjoy the Similarity of Classical Piano Performance
The new KONIX electric pianos professional edition simulates the weight of classical piano hammers more realistically, and creates a touch closer to classical piano keys. Three level of keyboard velocity to choose including soft, medium, and strong. According to the player’s style, the velocity can be adjusted allowing you to feel the realism of touch anytime and anywhere.

★Simulate Delicate Piano Tonal Changes. Create Your Musical Inspiration.
KONIX portable Full-Size 88-Note Piano Processional Edition has built-in 10 tones including piano, string, percuss, etc. to show the creativity of various music genre. It allows you change the desired tone at will. If the Dual Tone Mode has been turned on at the same time, you can also overlap the notes to create a richer sound effect, and enrich the performance. The built-in 10 demo songs can be played in a loop. The overall learning efficiency is good. In addition to professional players, it is also suitable for beginners.

★Twin Piano Mode for Easy Teaching
The Twin Piano mode of Full-Size 88-Note Piano Processional Edition allows teachers and students to play side by side on the same keyboard, It not only improves the learning efficiency but also allows family or friends to share the fun by playing at the same time.

★With Built-in Metronome, Gain more on practice
KONIX Full-Size 88-Note Piano Processional Edition has a built-in assisted learning function. Ten beats are supported for beginners’ daily practice. The function helps you focus on playing and develop your sense of beat.

★Setting Will Be Saved. The Power Can Be Turn off Automatically
The electric piano has a thoughtful auto save function. Your favorite settings will be automatically saved after shutdown. It is no need to reset the settings which is not only time saving but also worries saving. When the electric piano has been not operated for more than 30 minutes, it will automatically turn off the power, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

★Sustain Function and Transposition Function Simulates the Realism.
The 88-key electric piano has three functions: damper, sustain, and soft tone, which can simulate the real pedal effects. You can also adjust the pitch up and down easily by pressing the buttons. There are six levels for rising and falling pitches.

★It has Simple and Compact Design but Can Reproduce the Sound of a Real Piano.
The stylish and compact 88-key electric piano allows you to play in any environment. The built-in stereo speakers can deliver a more realistic piano sound. At the same time, to ensure that you do not disturb your neighbors during practice, you can connect headphones to enjoy your creating and performing quietly. It supports MP3 audio source input. With audio cable connection, you can play MP3 and other external audio source music, which makes the application more comprehensive. Besides, it supports microphone audio input. You can sing while playing. That makes you brought down the house.

★It Can Be Connected to Computers and Inspire More Fun.
The KONIX 88-key portable electric piano provides a variety of power supply modes. You can use 6 D Batteries for power supply, which is convenient to carry and use (D Batteries need to be purchased separately). When using it indoors, you can connect the power transformer to directly supply power. The 88-key portable electric piano also supports USB-MIDI output and can be connected to a computer, mobile phone and tablet with a USB cable.





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