KONIX D600 Hand Rolled Electronic Drum
Multiple styles of bass effects, a more realistic simulated stage performance

KONIX Hand Rolled Electronic Drums Newly Release

●A variety of styles you can choose.
●Realistic sound simulates real impact effects.
●Easy to carry. Charge it instantly.
●Achieve the realism of stage effect like a live performance.
●Environmental Economic Material, A Strong Battery Life.

KONIX D600 Hand Rolled Electronic Drum Achieves the Diversity
The D600 Hand Rolled Electronic drum makes the function more professional and diversified. It also supports a variety of styles to switch to use. The colorful functions it adds make you as if you merge into it.

KONIX USB Type-C Interface
It can allow you to directly charge by connecting it to a computer. Use the common plugs which are used for mobiles phone and tablet to charge without purchasing another chargers.

The Heavy Bass effect Simulates the Real Stage Performances
The built-in dual speakers make the bass effects powerful as if rocking at a general admission floor section. The built-in tricolored lights simulate the atmosphere of being under a spotlight on the stage.

In Addition to Rock, There Are More Styles!
Besides rock, it also features in pop, Latin, electronic and other styles to make this hand rolled electronic drum more diversified.





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