KONIX standard 61-key hand roll piano

★ It has light and novel design and convenient portability. As long as it is folded and curled, it can be carried anywhere. After the expansion, you can play the piano immediately. You can also connect the home theater, audio and other equipment to add joy to the family party. atmosphere.
★ Hand-rolled piano seems to be light and simple, but its internal structure is quite tight and fine, so please use it carefully to avoid damage.

★ It has a speaker itself, and it can be connected to the earphones. It can play the piano quietly alone. It can also be connected to speakers, audio and other sound amplification equipment for outdoor performances. There are also a number of function settings such as MIDI OUT output channels and demonstration tracks as an auxiliary tool for practice.
★ With 128 kinds of sounds and 100 kinds of rhythm music, including piano, saxophone, harp, guitar and other different sounds to choose from, in addition to professional players are also suitable for beginners and use

★ Sustain function, external sustain pedal, there is a long sound sustaining effect when playing, so that your piano sound can have more changes.
Note: you need to buy a sustain pedal to use.





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